Digital Marketing: The most popular DM jobs right now

Digital Marketing: The most popular DM jobs right now

Interested in exploring the job roles manipulated by digital transformation, digital marketing company rebootonline conducted research to identify the most popular – most searched for – digital marketing jobs in the UK.

To achieve this, Rebootonline inserted a range of digital marketing job roles, such as Data Analyst, Content Manager and Head of Ecommerce, into the keyword analytics section of online visibility and marketing tool SEM Rush.

Every keyword variation attributed to each job role was then pulled, affording Rebootonline the opportunity to calculate exactly how many people are searching for, and expressing interest in, different roles.

Taking Data Analyst as an example, keyword variations like “data analyst jobs”, “data analyst salary” and “how to become data analyst UK” were added together to create the final monthly search volume total.

The Results:

Rebootonline. found Data Analyst is currently the most popular – most searched for – job in digital marketing, with 9,540 individual online searches per month.

Other popular roles include Social Media Manager (7,560), UX Designer (2,500) and Digital Marketing Manager, with no less than 2,170 individual online searches per month.

Interestingly, although search results for Content Manager remain high (2,090), the role is beginning to dip in popularity. Per Google trends, after reaching its popularity peak in August 2004 (a value of 100), interest in ‘Content Manager’ has fallen to a value of 38 (July 2019) meaning it is under half as popular as it once was.

Comparably, digital marketing roles of less interest include, Head of Ecommerce (400), Digital Product Owner (310) and CRO Manager, with just 170 inquisitive individual online searches per month.

To extend on their research, Rebootonline also took time to compare their findings with Google trends, to find out if voluminous online searches correlate with what is rising and falling in popularity across the UK.

The digital marketing jobs rising in popularity are:

1. Data Analyst
2. UX Designer
3. Influencer Marketing
4. Digital Product Owner identified one of the most remarkable rises in online interest for digital marketing roles belongs to the role of UX Designer, as seen below in a snippet taken from Google trends. Since 2008, we can see the role has steadily increased in popularity before reaching its highest recorded peak (so far) in January 2019.

Commenting on the rise, Oliver Sissons, SEO Manager at Rebootonline, writes: “UX design is something more and more businesses are taking note of, both small and large. With access to more information than ever before, business owners are becoming better educated on what it takes to find success online and a huge part of this is ensuring that customers not only manage to but enjoy, using their websites. This is perhaps one reason why UX design is seeing such growth.”

For more information please visit the rebootonline website. 

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