The future of farming through data-driven decision making with YAGRO

The future of farming through data-driven decision making with YAGRO

We believe that data is key to becoming a better farmer through informed decision making, thus creating a better and more profitable business. Brexit isn’t far away, so now more than ever it’s important to take control and use the data available to enhance your farm and your business.

To help our clients, MHA Larking Gowen is hosting a webinar in conjunction with YAGRO. The webinar will include a real-life and interactive taste of what YAGRO Analytics can do, including a walk-through demonstration. This new platform has been created to help farmers across the UK make better decisions, improve profitability and enhance their businesses based on data and history.

More about YAGRO

YAGRO is a team of farmers, entrepreneurs and technologists, who are passionate about making professional farmers’ lives easier and their businesses better. YAGRO Analytics was developed alongside a national steering group of 15 farmers, enabling the creation of a user-friendly platform to empower farmers to better understand their data and the underlying costs of their business.

YAGRO works with individual family farms through to large agri-businesses, all of whom face similar challenges.

Wednesday 11th November 2020, 8:00- 9:00am

For more information you can download the information sheet, and hear from some farmers already using YAGRO Analytics here
To secure your place for the event, click here to book now.

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