Have your lunch delivered to your workplace – for FREE

Have your lunch delivered to your workplace – for FREE

What’s that saying, there’s nothing like a free lunch?  Well in this case, there is!  Fresh Start new beginnings, is a local charity that supports local children who have suffered sexual abuse.  They are working together with polkadotfrog to visit local business and provide free lunch for staff while raising awareness about the work they do.

FSNB will visit your workplace providing sponsored lunch and refreshments for up to 15 of your co-workers.  This is a great way of bringing teams from different departments together.  All we ask in return, is that while you are munching away, you relax and listen to our representative talk about Fresh Start new beginnings is helping over 200 children every year to rebuild their futures.

Jade from polkadotfrog said “We were looking to support a local charity and received a call from Fresh Start new beginnings asking for help.  We decided that by sponsoring Food for Thought we could open a few doors for them with our clients and also help raise awareness of the work they do.  No one really wants to admit that a charity like FSNB is needed,  however the more you are made aware of their work and how they save lives and rebuild futures, sponsoring  lunch in a work place seemed a good place to start”

Patsy Johnson-Cisse from Fresh Start new beginnings added; “We are a positive charity helping children and their families to work towards a more positive future.  To help take away the feelings of blame, of shame and feelings of guilt. Food For Thought, we believe, will help us work with local businesses sharing information about the work we do whilst having a lovely lunch.

Do you and 10 – 15 of you co-workers have an hour to spare to join FSNB for a free lunch brought to your work place?  Want to find out about the work they do and how you can help make a big difference to children’s futures? 

If you would like more information please call Patsy on 01473 705111, visit the website or email patsy@fsnb.org.uk

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