Why you don’t need to do a post construction clean

Why you don’t need to do a post construction clean

During lockdown many homeowners decided it was time to make those long overdue repairs, have that long awaited kitchen fitted, even have a complete change around to make space for an extra bedroom. However, what many don’t consider is the cleaning involved post-construction.

If you have ever cleaned a property after building work or developments have been completed, you will know how incredibly off-putting it is when you just want everything done and ‘dusted’ (see what I did there?). It’s often overwhelming and you question, where do I even begin?

Well put the hoover down, pick up the phone and call Sarah at As You Wish Services. Sarah and her team have a wealth of experience in carrying out post-construction cleaning.

Owner of As You Wish Services – Sarah explains:

“No one looks forward to a post-construction clean, but it has to be done.  All too often, I have homeowners call me in a state of panic after they have had work done on their property. They hadn’t considered the aftermath and the level of cleaning involved, which often is a much bigger job than they first anticipated.

It’s been known for me and my team to be called at the last minute, and we arrive to pick up where you may have left off, and we ensure the job gets done and you don’t become overwhelmed.

Hiring professional cleaners can save you a lot of time and money, as we know exactly what to do, and not to mention we remove the hassle and stress often associated with construction works.”

As You Wish Holiday Rental Management is ready to help you achieve that 5* clean on your Holiday Rental property – Call 07909562233 and speak to Sarah today.

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