LEGO becomes the most popular brand channel on YouTube

LEGO becomes the most popular brand channel on YouTube

Data gathered by Buy Shares shows that as of June 2020, the LEGO YouTube channel had attained a record 10.4 billion views, placing LEGO as the most popular brand on YouTube – but competition from tech companies might impact LEGO profits.

In second spot, there is Vat19 with 5.84 views followed by IDJVideos.TV at 4.49 billion.  Elsewhere, Casual puzzle video game Angry Birds channel had the fourth-highest total views at 4.46 billion while Kids TV HD EggVideos channel had over 4.25 billion views.

In the sixth spot, there is Đông Tây Promotion Official with 3.38 billion views which are slightly higher than soft drinks giant Coca Cola at 3.28 billion. Elsewhere, Oddbods official channel had 3.13 billion cumulative views.  In the ninth and tenth slot, there is My Little Pony Official and MundoBitaVEVO with 2.85 billion and 2.52 billion views respectively.

An overview of LEGO’s operating profit shows massive growth of 272.42% between 2009 and 2019. In 2009, the profit stood at €389.5 million while last year it was €1.45 billion.

Over the ten years, the highest profit was recorded in 2016 at €1.67 billion before plunging by 16.9% the following year to €1.39 billion. From 2016, the profit has grown by 4.26% to the latest figure. LEGO’s operating profits first surpassed the one billion mark in 2012 at €1.02 billion.

The recent drop in profits can be attributed to various factors. According to the Buy Shares report: “Currently, the company is not only facing a challenge from its traditional competitors like Mattel but also against technology companies like Sony. Currently, more children are ditching physical toys while turning to mobile devices for entertainment and fun.

The LEGO Group has also seen a 121.14 % growth in the number of employees between 2009 and 2019.  In 2009, the figure was 7,286 rising to 16,112 last year. The highest number of employees was in 2016 at 16,836.

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