CBI responds to the Prime Minister’s further easing of lockdown measures

CBI responds to the Prime Minister’s further easing of lockdown measures

The CBI has responded to the Prime Ministers announcement regarding easing of further lockdown measures.

Josh Hardie, CBI Deputy-Director General, said: “Any plan for returning to work must ensure employees are safe. Businesses have made monumental efforts to protect their workforce. But concern about infection is still high. The government’s announcements will not change that overnight, but changes in messaging on transport and further testing can lay a path to building confidence and helping those who want to come back to the office.

“This matters. Some jobs cannot be done from home. Some homes are not good places to work from. And low demand and footfall on many high streets are leaving firms struggling, driving up unemployment.

“Business know the return to offices must not risk an infection spike. Firms can be knocked down once, not twice. This announcement marks a welcome change in tone but changing behaviour and confidence will take time. Close collaboration between government, employers, and unions – alongside excellent employee engagement and continued improvements in childcare, transport and testing – will be the building blocks for success.

“Businesses will now be closely examining government guidance. Clarity and consistency must guard against confusion.”

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