Bring dogs to work? How to Make the Transition Back With Your Dog

Bring dogs to work? How to Make the Transition Back With Your Dog

Luckily, many companies and workplaces now allow their employees to bring dogs to work, but as the Covid-19 pandemic forced many of us to work from home, our pooches will need to prepare for the daily 9-5 back at the office. 

The experts at have got you covered with some top tips on how to get you and your pup ready for the transition back to the office.

Tips to get you and your pup ready for the 9-5 grind again

  • Home Comforts


Just like you might bring an office plant back to the office to replace the one you left behind during the lockdown, personal effects spruce up your workspace and you’ll need to gather a few items that will help your dog feel at home, too.

So, don’t forget their comfy bed so they can zonk out while you work. Gather some of your pooches favourite toys and items that remind them of home. Plus, bring lots of treats to reward their good behaviors, which could be as simple as sitting quietly by your side.

  • Train Your Dog to Behave at Work

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Your pooch must learn to behave whilst at the office or you could find yourself in trouble. Bad behaviour and habits such as; barking, running wildly through the building, and accosting people with unwanted sniffing and, perhaps, jumping will not be tolerated by your company for long.

A key point to remember is that if your dog is returning to the office after a long break away or it is your pups first time at the office they will most likely want to bark, run, and jump when there are lots to see, smell, and jump on as they’ll be excited to explore the surroundings. The good news is that you can nip these issues in the bud with some simple training. Better yet, these fundamental training skills will strengthen your bond, and your dog will probably enjoy learning a few tricks (especially as a way to score treats).

You can teach your dog to sit and stay which means in the office you can calm your pooch down by giving them commands.

Barking can be a complicated behavior to discourage or correct. Your best bet to reduce barking is to ignore it as much as possible. It will be hard to ignore a barking dog at work, so start training and encouraging good behaviour at home and continue this at the office – be consistent with them and they will soon learn not to bark.

  • Socialise Your Dog for Work


Remember how nervous you were on your first day of work? Well, your dog will feel exactly the same way on their return to work or the first time at the office.

It’s important to take the proper socialization steps so your dog is ready for whatever the office has to throw at them. Ideally, you should socialize your dog as early as possible (if you have a puppy, the first 3–4 months are prime socialization time, after which it can get more difficult). Depending on your dog’s personality, age, and other factors, the ideal isn’t always possible. That being said, here are a few steps you can take to get your dog ready to handle the office.

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